Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In honor of Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday...Heres some more from Declan and Teagan!
My alarm is blaring its annoying self but I don’t want to get up. I feel so warm and safe. Though my bed feels a lot harder then I remember. That’s when I jerk up. We fell asleep out at the lake in the bed of his truck. God I’m so lucky that I have my phone programmed to go off during the week.
I turn to look at Declan. I don’t think I will be able to wake him. He just looks so peaceful. His shirt is all rumpled and his arms look empty like they are missing me in them. I lie down on my stomach next to him and trail my finger down his perfect face. “Declan.” I whisper into his ear.
He turns over where he faces me and without opening his eyes he requests “Can’t we go back to sleep?”
I giggle like a little school girl. “No we can’t go back to sleep. I have class in an hour.”
He exhales and opens his eyes. They are looking at me so intensely I feel my whole body heat. Yeah it’s that kind of look. “Why do we skip class today and hang out?”
I shake my head no. “I can’t miss class this morning. Caden is in it and he would freak.”
“Fine.” He says grumpily and sits up rubbing his eyes. “Let’s go then.”
-This Beauitful Thing

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