Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Heres a teaser!!

She smiles and I feel like I could die happy.
“You are so beautiful when you smile.” I blurt out and I can’t believe I said that out loud. I’m such a dork.
When she licks her lips I lock onto the movement and before I know it I’m brushing my lips up against hers. I only meant to peck her but her lips open up underneath mine and I can’t help but slid...
e my tongue in her mouth. She curls hers against mine and I can’t seem to get enough air. This kiss goes on and on. Its feels so good I never want it to end.
She pulls back to rise up on her knees and before I know it I have pulled her across the console into my lap. She feels great on top of me as she looks into my eyes and I can’t help but be blinded by the beauty of her. I run my hands up her arms, over her neck and into her hair. It’s soft like silk as I nudge her head down to mine. Our lips meet again and it’s almost more than I can take.
-This Beautiful Thing

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