Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Teaser

I think it might be the six shots of vodka I had earlier but I love this possessive look on his face. I still can’t believe that I took my shirt off in front of him that has to be the alcohol because I would never do anything that crazy on my own.
I study his face and I swear I know him from somewhere, he’s just so famili...
ar. He’s got golden blonde hair cut to about an inch above his scalp and the most gorgeous brown eyes that remind me of chocolate. He’s got high cheek bones with a strong jaw full of stubble, and a perfect straight nose. I notice laugh lines around his full plumb lips and I wonder what he tastes like. I haven’t kissed many boys in my life but I would go in inexperienced just to feel them.
The room’s temperature rises and I wish I had left just the tank on as sweat forms on my brow. Maybe it’s just his body because it’s nice. I wanna run my hands over his broad chest and down his long arms. I can see the muscles under his shirt sleeves and they are huge. I shake my head to clear it of these thoughts, I mean I’m sane headed all the time I don’t get all hot and bothered by some guy I don’t even know.
“I think we need to change your shirt now.” I blink thinking that can’t be me who just said that.
He grins and cocks his eyebrow up. “Is that so baby? You gonna help me?”
I shiver when he calls me baby and wonder why I like it so much. “Hmmm I don’t think so.” I smile innocently at him. “I’m guessing you aren’t as drunk as me.”
“No I think I’m drunker then you are and I’m pretty sure I need your help.” He grabs my hand and puts it at the hem of his polo shirt. I can’t believe that he is flirting with me nor can I believe that I’m flirting back. I pull it up past his abs which are packed, then over his pecks which are well muscled and then it’s over his head and on the floor. And I don’t know if I can blame it on the alcohol when I start at his stomach and run my hands upward over his chest to clasp behind his neck.
He smiles and his hands go to the back of my thighs pulling them up for my legs to go around his waist. When his lips find mine I shiver and my skin erupts in goose bumps. It’s the best feeling in the world when his tongue curls with mine and our lips move in sync. The kiss goes on forever and I’m barely coming up for air. He starts to walk forward and then I’m falling.

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