Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yet again I have neglected my blog. This poor thing. Anyway I have a few teasers for you from Wrong Kind of Love (Young Love #2) Which is Caden and Grace's story. <3

1. She is laid out before me completely nude. Which is the only way I like to see her. She isn't hiding behind her walls this way. It's like I strip away that wall with every piece of clothing I peel off. I've never seen such an amazing body and all I want to do is copy it onto canvas and stare at it everyday. 
"Are you gonna stare all day?" she chuckles holding her head up on the palm of her hand.
I blink a few times having forgotten what I asked to do. "No Angel."
I pick up my paint tray and settle next to her on the floor. Before I begin she traces the tattoos I have inked over most of my torso. I will my dick to stay soft but he has other ideas as her soft hands glide over my flesh. I'm so hot inside and out and I feel sweat bead on my forehead. "If you keep doing that, I'll never get started."
She chuckles again and lays flat on her back. Her generous breasts bounce and sway with her motion and a groan passes my closed lips. She smirks up at me with all that blond hair laid out around her like a halo.
"Vixen." I mutter dipping the brush in a blue and sweeping it across her stomach. Her body shivers and her hands clinch. Nice to know i affect her as well.
As I paint my mind zones in on what I'm doing and forgets everything else. Graces breathing becomes more and more labored the longer I work. You wouldn't think this would be a turn on but it is. For her. Her thighs close and squeeze together about every five seconds. Which of course turns me on.
After awhile I can't stand it anymore and my free hand snakes down to caress her most private part. She's wet for me. And now I'll have her moaning.

2. Grace tilts her head to the side as she comes which thoroughly pisses me off. My hand reaches down turing that beautiful face back towards mine. "Don't ever look away from me when you come. I'm not doing this just for my pleasure. I wanna see yours." her brown eyes are still full of lingering lust. I have to admit it makes me feel powerful. "We are doing something wrong here. I want it to be worth all the pain."-Caden Harper, Wrong Kind of Love. Releasing In June.

3. "Caden lays his sweaty forehead down on mine. His intense blue eyes stare into mine as his c**k pushes in and out of me. I'm gasping and groaning, giving him everything. He has this way of making me forget. It's a blessing and a curse. I shouldn't forget what I'm running from. I shouldn't forget who I'm supposed to be here. I shouldn't forget who I'm supposed to love. 
I'm so full. It's a metaphor and an innuendo. My heart is full of lies, betrayal, pain and sadness. My body is full of Caden. The way he smells, the feel of his hands on my skin, and how he f**ks me.
I let him do whatever he wants to my body. Because I will never let him have my heart. My new life would come crashing down on me. Around me.
So when you ask yourself why I'm stuck between twins, one is my savior, the other my destroyer.
And I find myself vowing I will never give up either."
-Grace, Wrong Kind of Love.

4. I start to step out of the shower when the bathroom door suddenly opens. In walks my angel. I haven’t been this close to her in almost a month. I can’t help but to remember the time I had her tied to my bed. Then Jaden had to come and fuck it up.
Grace stands there staring at me with wide eyes. She never got to see me completely naked so when her eyes take in every inch of flesh I have exposed, my d**k comes to attention. She opens her mouth to say something but closes it and meeting my eyes. She slows, hard. “See something you like?” I ask softly.
I tip my head down a little and look at her from under my lashes. I bite the side of my lip and beg her to come over. Her cheeks blush beautifully and she claps and unclasps her hands. “We can’t. Don’t look at me like that.” She closes her eyes and turns her head away. “I was going to give you a chance but you never called. I moved on. Don’t stand over there looking like a goddamn sex god. I cannot handle it.”
“Come here Grace. Don’t think about all that. I’ve got a hard on that has your name written all over it.” I’m probably pushing my luck but I don’t really care. She is the one girl I can’t run from. The one girl I want above all others. I can’t explain it but I know its real. Her soul speaks to mine and I want to learn all the secrets I know she is hiding.
“Caden please don’t. Seriously I cant do this.” I pause with my hand reaching for my d**k. Her accent disappeared just now. It went from being southern to northern. New York maybe. I shake my head because I really don’t want to go there right now.
I step out of the shower and lay my towel down on the toilet seat. I walk right up to her in the small space of this bathroom. I reach around her waist and lock the bathroom door.
I don’t think as I pull her against me and crush my lips to hers. I don’t think about my brother or anyone else that might be hurt because of my actions. He doesn’t want her like I want her. He doesn’t live because of Grace. I do. I may not know that much about love, but what I feel for this female in front of me is damn near close.
Her tongue reaching out for mine brings me out of my crazy thoughts. She is wearing some frilly lace skirt, so I inch it up until I get ahold of her panties. They are down her legs and touching the floor in no time.
“Tell me you want me. Tell me your mine. Tell me you haven’t f**ked my brother.” I command as I slip a finger inside her.
Her hands come up to cup my cheeks as she moans around my lips. “I haven’t f**ked him. I only want you. I’m yours.” She whispers running kisses along my jaw and down my neck.
I get an overwhelming need to be inside her. Mark her as mine. So I do. I spin her around until she ends up bent backwards over the counter, which holds the sink. I bend down and rummage through the space under the sink until I find a condom I had stashed under there. I stand up and roll the thing on. “Keep your hands above your head. If you lower them, I’ll stop and walk out of this room.”
She nods and I don’t give her any warning as I push into her soaking wet heat. Thank the lord she was ready for me. We both groan as we finally come together. I set up a slow and easy pace, taking in all the little sounds she makes and the way her eyes keep rolling into the back of her head. I clutch her hips hard enough to bruise but I cant really seem to care at this point.
I start to pound harder as a tingling sensation starts moving up my spine. Grace has her head leaning against the mirror and she is starring right at me. I almost blow with the look of pure lust she is throwing at me. I want her to look at me like this always. “Make me come, Caden.” She says on a moan.
“Anything you want Angel.” I take one of my hands from her waist and lower it to her sex. I flick her **** up and down just the way I know she likes it.
“Oh my god, right there. Don’t stop.” She whispers arching her hips closer to me. Her hands stay above her head the entire time. I start to feel her inner walls clutching me and I speed up my thrusting. We both come at the same time and I swear to god I can’t feel my legs.
After we get set back to rights Grace runs out of the bathroom like the hounds of hell are on her tail. I sigh and look at myself in the mirror. What the fuck did I just do?


Thankfully when I finally make it down to the kitchen she isn’t around. I might say things in the heat of the moment but I can’t really mean them. I have lost my damn mind.
“You okay Caden?” Declan asks me while cutting up some cranberry sauce for dinner.
“Yeah. Why?” I narrow my eyes at him. Let him say anything to me I don’t like. I’ll tell this whole damn house what he was doing with my sister last night.
“I don’t know you seem kind of out of it.” He shrugs his shoulders and goes on about his business.
Yeah he could say that again.


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