Monday, March 4, 2013

Wrong Kind of Love cover reveal

Wrong Kind of Love
Release date Spring/Summer
Cover by Regina at Mae I Design

The first time I ever saw Caden Harper I’m pretty sure I fell in love. All that golden hair and pale blue eyes. He was mysterious and covered in paint. I found it endearing and wanted nothing more than to find out all his secrets. I gave that man things I would never give anyone else. He blew it though. Which I shouldn’t be surprised considering he is a womanizer.
So I moved on, well kind of. Jaden Harper wasn’t what I expected. I found myself drawn to him almost as much as his brother. Maybe it’s the fact they are twins or maybe it was the fact I wanted to live on the wrong side for once in my life.
Now I’ve found myself dug deep in this game. Theres no end in sight and I wonder when all the lies I have told will come back to haunt me. Neither man should know the things I’ve gone through. Neither should trust me. I’m not who I say I am. My past is full of things I won’t ever share.
But where will that lead me when Caden wants nothing more than to consume me? He won’t wake up to see he has the wrong kind of love.
My Name is Grace Breadfield and this is my story.


  1. me too! im itching to read about caden and grace! i wasnt too happy in the first one when she started dating jaden since it was obbious that she had more feelings for caden. THEN again, if i were in her shoes and i knew that caden was a womanizer i might have done the same thing and went for the brother. sounds terrible but its true.