Monday, December 3, 2012


I want to introduce y'all to Spencer. My new favorite guy. (I didnt think anyone would beat Declan!) Anyway here is a little teaser from Fire In Her Eyes. (Its not edited so dont kill me!)

I’m shocked awake when I get kicked into the floor of Harleys bedroom. For a second I have no idea where the hell I am and then I remember. I totally hooked up with the queen of all bitches. “What the f**k Harley?” I exclaim.
She looks over the side of the bed at me wearing a smirk. “I have friends coming over soon, you need to get out. Sorry, last night was fun, but I don’t want it getting out.”
I roll my eyes at her before getting up off the floor. “Whatever Harley. You can lie to them all you want. You can hide me as your dirty little secret.” I say to her and for the next part I lower myself down to her and whisper in her ear. “But your mine now. I can’t stand you half the time, but I’ve had a taste and I’m not letting you go.” She shivers and I laugh.
I kiss her on the lips before leaving the room. I turn to look as I walk out her bedroom door and her eyes are glazed over in lust again.